According to the Law of Hong Kong, you should apply for the “Exemption Permit” from Police Licensing Office (Arms Licensing Section) of Hong Kong Police Force before you are allowed to use our professional modified weapons and / or blank ammunitions for any film / TV / stage drama production purposes legally. It takes 10 working day for processing.

Application in writing shall be made to Police Public Relations Branch (i.e. PPRB) of Hong Kong Police Force, 3 working days prior to the intended film shooting in respect of the exact date(s), time(s), and location(s) and / or within premises where the modified weapons and blank ammunitions listed in the “Exemption Permit” are used. Such intended film shooting may only take place with the “Approval Notice of the PPRB”.

Simply download and fill out two application forms below (one “Application for Exemption Pol.1054” and one “User Application for Exemption Pol.1055”). Send the completed application forms, with all necessary supporting documents, to our office for further arrangement.

Application for Exemption (Pol.1054)

User Application for Exemption (Pol.1055)